Trekking Shoes

Tips on Choosing the Right Trekking Shoes

You shoes play an important role during the trek, they are an extension of your feet and help you conquer the terrain. However, if they are not the best fit they feel like thorns on your feet. So, choosing the right pair of trekking shoes is an important task. The shoes you choose should be in sync with how and where your hike. There are several factors that need to be taken into account to find the right pair. Here are few points to help you out in your quest.

Trekking location

Select your boots based on the terrain and the loads you expect to carry. This is because added pounds on your feet take a toll in terms of energy expenditure by the end of the day, so go for the lightest shoes. Here are some types of shoes that you can choose. Trail – when your pack is light and trail well kept then these low cut shoes are the best choice. Rough-trail – if light backpacking and aggressive day hiking is what you do, then these ankle high boots are your best bet. Off-trail – when the trail you are going on is goat’s path through talus and alder tangles, then above ankle support and rigid sole stability is required, which these shoes offer best.


The shoes you are buying should be waterproof. It is important to determine beforehand whether you will be encountering any rain or not. If you are trekking for the full day, the chances of encountering wet weather is higher as compared to when trekking for few hours. So, determine your time and day of the trekking and check the weather reports before you invest in waterproof shoes. 

Correct foot size and volume

We guess you probably know your foot length. However, there are additional parameters such as feet width that is equally important as the foot size. There are special measurement devices that help determine that so use them to know your exact length and width. These measurement devices are available in the shoe store where you can easily measure your size and volume to get the best fitting shoes.

The above-mentioned are some of the tips to help you in choosing the best trekking shoes.